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Consulting Assessment

A home or business security assessment is essential to identifying weaknesses in your physical security that might provide an easy opportunity for a crime to occur. While nothing can make your home or business absolutely “burglar-proof,” our recommendations are intended to create security layers that, if implemented, can serve to reduce criminal opportunity and make it more difficult to force entry into your home or business.

Your assessment of your home or business security from the standpoint of a burglar. What may or may not attract a burglar to your home and business? Is there a Neighborhood Watch on the street? Is there good visibility in and out that might allow neighbors and police patrols to see a burglar? Are doors and windows difficult to defeat? Is there an alarm system in place to hurry the burglar? Are belongings marked or inventoried that might result in recovery and/or an arrest after the fact? What can I do to make my location too risky for burglars?

There are so many items to consider and a lot of questions to ask about security systems. Call or Email Elite Security for a free assessment to review what a monitored security system can do for you.

Industrial Security Strategies

In Saskatchewan there are many kinds of industrial facilities including chemical and petrochemical plants, oil refineries, liquid and natural gas distributors, pulp and paper mills, mining operations and steel plants. The need for a comprehensive security strategy for these facilities and other critical infrastructure is escalating as the world economic changes. These major organizations need a solid partner that can work with you through the challenges that are encountered in providing an effective security solution for these sites.

At Elite Security, we understand that when it comes to something as important and complex as the security of your industrial plant, your employees and perhaps even the surrounding community — the company that you choose to hire is a critical decision.

As a mature and growing company in the province of Saskatchewan, we work diligently to provide a solution that encompasses all aspects of security with innovative products and a comprehensive design.

Elite Security Systems has partnered with several leading manufacturer’s in the security world and this allows us to work closely with engineers and product specialists to provide the solution and expansion that you need now and in the future. We have diverse products that are scalable solutions in intrusion, fire, video and access control.

Contact Elite Security Systems and let us show you how we can help you with your electronic security.

Elite Security Systems offers consultation services including the design of new systems, review of existing security systems and proposals of how they can be enhanced. Our combined industry experience of over 100 years means we have encountered and secured many different facilities. We have worked with engineers, end users and manufacturing representatives to provide effective solutions within budget allowances.

We provided the following services:

  • Design
  • Full System Integration
  • Facility Access Control
  • IP Based Digital Video
  • Perimeter Protection
  • Project Management

Our Commercial consulting team can provide evaluations of the security needs, design a system to provide a cost-effective solution, and assist engineers on security portion of tender writing.

Call Elite Security Systems to set up an appointment to further discuss the benefit of a fully designed system.